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Calallen High: Power Weight Lifting Team makes it to State-2002!!.

Photo Credits: LCDR Bruce, Meg, and Jarrett Becker.
Power Weight Team and Webmasters thank you for a job well done!

Meet Coach Asa Chambless (left-rear row) and his State Power Weight Lifting Team in beautiful TCU Stadium. Manuel Castillo won 2nd, Kellen Becker and Brubaker finished 8th in their respective Class of 242 lbs and 114 lbs.
Congratulations!! Coach and Team: Back Row:Coach Asa Chambles, Roy De los Santos, (alternate), Kellen Becker, (8th) Gary Wells,
Front Row: ?, Brubaker, Matt Jackson, and Manuel Castillo (2nd)

Manuel Castillo is presented his 2nd Place Silver Medal (275 lbs Class) at State.
Manuel Castillo competing in the 275 lbs Class.
On Squats Gary Wells, wow, check the size of the Weight Plates.
The Official raises his hand, Kellen Becker is ready to do his Dead Lift.
Gary on Bench Press.
Coaches check the Manuel Castillo Dead Lift for flaws. This is a good lift!
Check this out! Kellen Becker on a personal best Bench Press of 300 pounds! Just Outstanding Performance!
Are you Ready! Kellen attemping to dead lift a heavier load!
Here is Manuel Castillo bench pressing and on his way to finish in 2nd Place! Another outstanding performance!
This is a good Bench Press for Calallen's Kellen Becker.
Kellen on his 2nd attempt on the Squats- um-um, that is a bunch of weight!!
This is the State Level, More weights to lift -- He deserves 2nd Place on this Bar Bending Squat!
Kellen Becker on the Squat, This young man is strong, All muscle. He's Cool!!
Here's Kellen fine speciman of a young man, strong, powerful, and a good lift!


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