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CALALLEN Wins 2nd Place Region V at Donna, Tx:

Wt. Lift
Coach Asa Chambless' Wildcats Team take Region V - 2nd Place - at Donna. Here is the Team.

Special Thanks and Photo Credits: Ms. Meg Becker and Hannah and Jarrett. Great Job!
SQUAT EVENT: Matt Jackson gets it done!
SQUAT EVENT: Roy wins 3rd Place at Regional, and will be the Alternate to State, if the 1st and 2nd Qualifier cannot make the trip.
SQUAT EVENT: Eddie will finished in 4th Place today!
SQUAT EVENT: Nick will take the 4th Place Medel today!
SQUAT EVENT: Big Bear lift a heavy load of Bars!
SQUAT EVENT: Gary Wells bringing it up!
SQUAT EVENT: Kellen Becker in a good lift and on his way to 2nd Place in the 242 lbs Group.
SQUAT EVENT: Senior Manuel Castillo easily handles this load, and will take 1st Place in the 275 lbs Group!
BENCH PRESS EVENT: Roy does good work in lifting, and he is only a Freshman.
BENCH PRESS EVENT: Kellen Becker masters this load!
BENCH PRESS EVENT: Lahawn makes his lift look so easy!
DEAD LIFT EVENT:Brubaker doing good and challenging his peers.
DEAD LIFT EVENT: That is one heavy lift for a Freshman. Perfect Form.
DEAD LIFT EVENT: Gary on the Dead Lift, check out all that chalk on his hands!
DEAD LIFT EVENT: Perfect form, load: 525 lbs! Wow!
DEAD LIFT EVENT: Kellen at a heavier load, 545 lbs. Kellen and Mr. Earth Gravity in a tug of War!
DEAD LIFT EVENT: Perfect Body Position: This is a good lift!
DEAD LIFT EVENT: Matt Jackson another turn at the loaded bars. "BARS LOADED"
DEAD LIFT EVENT: Oops, The Weights drop on the floor faster than the official can bring his arm down!
Eddie and Kellen on a Food Break, The Body needs more energy for "BARS LOADED!"
Jarrett Becker, and Ms. Myers, Mom of Bear Myers and 2001 Graduate Matthew W Myers! Two fine young men!
Kellen 2nd place 242, Manuel 1st place 275 lb. Outstanding!
Kellen, Manuel, Matt, Gary, the winners wait for the presentation of Awards.
Lahawn and Brubaker doing a fine job in good old Donna!
Waiting for their next lift, Matt, Gary, Bear and Manuel Castillo.
"And the 2nd Place Award goes to Calallen High School!" Mr. Becker and Mr. Wells show the good looking Award! Cool!
Kellen Becker, 2nd Place Region V, State Bound!
Eddie, 4th place, 242lb.
"Gary, front and center, for your award!"
Kellen Becker places Second, 242lbs and is headed for State at TCU!
Daniel Oelschlegel, Matthew W. Myers, and Gary Wells!



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